We are asking God for a 100-soul revival by December 13th, our Baptism Sunday. In order to make that a reality, we need your help teaching, reaching and praying.

Teach Proclaim the Truth

The Word of God is the only way to reach the heart of our community. We challenge you to win your friends and family by teaching a Proclaim the Truth Bible Study. It’s a short lesson on the key elements of salvation. Whether you choose to teach in person or online we have a bible study format you will enjoy using.

Download Proclaim the Truth PDF to print and teach an in person Bible Study

This Power Point is best for teaching groups with a large room OR on Zoom where you share your screen.

A fil in the blank Word Document is helpful when students want to follow along on their computers.

Yes, your kids can teach a bible study too. We’ve already seen testimonies of Children teaching using our Salvation Coloring Book!

Invite someone to Bible Study.

Download a customizable invitation to teach proclaim to the truth OR use one of our preformatted images. Send a text, email or post on social media. Learn how to add your photo here.

Learn to Teach Proclaim the Truth

Prize for Adults, Youth and Children!

To be eligible for a prize, winners must teach at least 20 bible studies and submit your list of students to proclaimshbs@gmail.com

Reach Souls & Invite People to Church

Jesus commanded us to GO. So join the Outreach Team Every Saturday from 10am to 12pm.

Invite someone to church!

Download the image below and share it with friends and family to invite them to service!.