General Information

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  • Forms should be completed as early in advance as possible.
  • All forms should be as complete as possible. Please include all text, (dates, speakers, hotel info etc.), graphic direction, required elements and deadlines. 
  • Projects will be scheduled according to priority of needed dates.

Suggested Request Schedule

Print Type                                                                                              Form Submission Deadline

  • E-mail Distribution                                                                       4 Weeks prior to need date
  • In-House Printing or Copying:                                                 4 Weeks prior to need date
  • Outside Professional Printer                                                   6 Weeks prior to need date
  • Specialized Artwork and Books                                             6 Weeks prior to need date

DO NOT COMPLETE this form if you are responding to a Video Announcement Reminder. Request forms submitted when announcements are due are too late for individual requests.

Things to include: Event name, address, time, cost, date, contact person; website etc.
Provide any visual desires you have for this piece.