Please use this form to request a promotional display table in the New Life Tabernacle Foyer or Sanctuary. Please note requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.

Please note only BLACK table cloths may be used.

Failure to meet any (or all) of the requirements will result in a $10 fine for the ministry.

  1. Representation. Please have someone present at the table following each service to welcome and guide those who visit the table.
  2. Time Allotment:
    1. Major church events and conferences: 2 months
    2. Other Events: 2 weeks
    3. Only 3 ministries will be allotted tables at a time
  3. Please provide a 3 week notice to set up a table for Sunday night only

Promotional Policy

All tables must be clean, organized and aesthetically pleasing. You should consider the following when creating your table:

  • Graphics: pictures of events of the ministry (albums, collages, posters etc)
  • Printed information about the ministry (brochures, fliers)
  • Appropriate Props
  • Any documentation relative to the event, ministry etc.

Ministries will incur a fine for the following infractions:

  • No representation at the table
  • An unkept or unorganized table
  • The table is not cleared and removed according to deadlines provided.

You will receive feedback regarding your request within 24 hours from receipt of this form.